We help companies accelerate their growth by evaluating the economic consequences of strategic choices. We help them use Unicorn Math to create An Algorithm for Growth by:

  • Analyzing and measuring potential different target markets in order to discover the optimal market selection to maximize growth. This can involve the use of both primary and secondary research.
  • Conducting a competitive analysis in order to identify clear areas of differentiation that can drive market uptake of new and existing products and services. This too can involve both primary and secondary research.
  • Measuring product market fit by conducting research with existing customers to calculate a Net Promoter Score or measure of satisfaction that can allow effective segmentation and decisions about a scaling strategy.
  • Designing and implimenting programs to measure the market effciency of a variety of go-to-market strategies. These work to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase long term customer value.

With this background work complete, we can assist in the acquisition of debt or equity capital or prepare a business case for the allocation of capital internally. This work encompasses:

  • Preparing financial forecasts that build upon the company’s Algorithm for Growth and enable it to evaluate alternative scenarios based upon strategic decisions that need to be made.
  • Preparing business plans or financing plans that explain the company’s business, its unique capabilities and its potential for growth.