Speaking and Workshops

This is a collection of videos of speeches made. It covers a wide variety of topics on innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. If you would like someone to speak about The Narwhal Project, Triggers and Barriers, or any of the topics on this website, please contact Charles Plant.

The Innovation Sweet Spot

Along the way towards what I now talk about regarding Triggers and Barriers, Reducing Ambiguity, and Boiling the Ocean, I gave this talk about what I called the Innovation Sweet Spot. It takes a consumer perspective on innovation and helps technology innovators appreciate a different perspective.

Building and Managing a Team

This talk was designed for prospective and early stage technology entrepreneurs who are looking at leadership for the first time. It helps them understand how to do a better job at implementing strategy. To do this, I go through how to use metrics effectively in a manner that is similar to the way Google uses OKRs to manage their activities.


Designed for prospective and early stage entrepreneurs, this talk methodically goes through a time-tested way of starting a company without other people’s money. The art of bootstrapping has been lost due to the promise of venture capital money but it is actually the best way of thinking about financing a startup.

Financial Forecasting

I’m not sure how often I’ve heard entrepreneurs (including me) say “The market is $300 million, we only need to get 2% of it to be successful.” Unfortunately, things don’t actually work that way.

This topic goes to the heart of Metrics, a subject I deal with as part of helping leaders connect strategy with action. It is on the execution side of Ideas and Execution and is particularly useful for entrepreneurs. If you knew what your revenue was going to be next year, do you think you could be more profitable? Using metrics effectively is the key to financial forecasting.

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