Coaching and Motivation

The purpose of coaching employees is to help them improve business results by better understanding: the linkage between activities and results; how to change that linkage; how to increase the engagement in activities, all to improve results.


Coaching is used to enable employees to know how they can improve. Without coaching, you’ll never be able to improve your team’s personal effectiveness. And since as a manager, your job is to get things done through other people, you’ll never improve your own results unless you’re coaching others.

If coaching is the management process then the end result should be motivation as the two of these are inexorably linked.


If coaching is the management process, then motivation is the leadership function that is most closely aligned with coaching. By motivating someone you are inculcating in them a desire to improve.

Modern management theory holds that motivation induces a high level of employee responsibility and participation in decisions in the work environment, something that is enhanced through metrics.