Scaleup Math 

The hidden economics behind successful tech companies

Companies and products are eventually judged on economics; the ability to turn ideas and cash into growth.  Understanding the economics of product introduction can accelerate growth, reduce capital requirements and increase the chances of a firm succeeding globally. It can also lead to the creation of a successful scaleup. To understand the economics of success, or as  we refer to it, Scaleup Math, companies need to develop an Algorithm for Growth. An Algorithm for Growth is the economic formula that numerically reflects those factors that are essential to create a world class product or company. 

Scaleup Math

Triggers and Barriers

Part of understanding Unicorn Math is figuring out competitive differentiation and product/market fit.  To figure out these components of Unicorn Math, an entrepreneur needs to have an in depth understanding of customers, why they buy and how they look at the competition.

This book is all about understanding potential customers. It’s about figuring out what triggers them to buy and what barriers get in the way of you making a sale. The book is about how to listen to customers so that you can understand their behavior and capitalize on it, make your business a resounding success and in the process, creating a Unicorn.