Yeah, I know I’ve spent all week talking about forgiving but not forgetting. In spite of that there are a few people that I just can’t seem to forgive. These are my top 5.

  1. Ben and Jerry – In particular I can’t forgive them for making a certain flavour known as half baked. UmmUmm delicious. I also can’t forgive them for making those convenient 500 ml single serving containers. ( I know that Ben and Jerry are two people but just this once will you forgive me if I count them as one?)
  2. Meatloaf – No, not the food, the singer. For some reason, whenever I get into the car at night and see that dashboard light, his song comes to mind. And once it’s in my head it goes round and round and round.
  3. Jesse Langsdorf – I bet you’ve never heard of him have you? He invented the men’s necktie so phooey on Jesse. I have a love-hate relationship with ties. I hate wearing them but am addicted to expensive hand crafted italian silk creations. How’s that for a contradiction?
  4. Mark Burnett – The man who popularized Survivor, a reality TV show I love to watch (having seen every single episode) but will never get to play. I won’t forgive Mark until he lets Canadians play too.
  5. The Toronto Maple Leafs – Need I say more?