process1Have you noticed that there are a lot of words with similar endings? Suicide, homicide, genocide, pesticide etc. They all end with the suffix ‘cide’ but perhaps you didn’t notice that there meanings are all similar. They all refer to death, destruction and killing.

That’s because their ending is from the Latin ‘caedere’ which means to kill. (Now you can impress people in conversation with your obvious erudition.)

Funny thing is that the word ‘decide’ has the same ending and the same meaning. When you decide something it means that you have to kill something else. And this is why it is so hard for people to decide: they have to kill something.

And they get stuck in the Six Stages of Change and can’t break loose. If you want to help people decide, you must help them through those six stages of change until they reach acceptance and are able to kill whatever they can’t stand to lose.

Or when that doesn’t work, you have to decide, which is all right for many people as they would rather someone else do the killing.