So you’re sitting at your desk at 7:30 some night, struggling to finish yet another project, answer one too many emails, and deal with just one more emergency when the boss drops by to hand you something more to do. Merde.

You have no more time. you’re scrambling to meet multiple deadlines, and your brain is stuck on overdrive. What do you do? What’s your plan?

Your only choice is to drop or squeeze. Either drop something or squeeze a few other things so you can make time for the new task.

That’s the problem most people face in the knowledge economy. In the industrial economy, it was pretty easy. Output was limited by machines. Without a whole bunch of time and investment, you just couldn’t add one more thing to do.

In the knowledge economy this problem is happening every day. You can’t measure tasks as easily. New projects are easy to invent but funds are limited.

Your ability as an employee will be judged on your ability to drop or squeeze because that’s how you’ll be able to finish each of those new tasks you’ve been given.