Unknown-2I would like you to meet Sam. Sam has a great job at Multidyne where he is responsible for increasing network uptake receptor capacity. He loves his job, can’t wait to get to work every day where he gets to meet and talk with lots of interesting people about global challenges in fostering network plasticity.

Problem is that no one really knows what Sam does. But he’s such a good talker and seems so intelligent that he must know what he’s doing. Unfortunately, even Sam doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do or how he’s doing. It appears that there isn’t a way to measure network plasticity or changes in it. Frankly no one is even sure what network plasticity is.

But Sam is a highly engaged employee and by all measures, that’s what we want isn’t it, engaged employees? The question is, engaged in what? Without metrics there is no way to tell if Sam is a valuable contributor. In fact according to some recent research featured in today’s Globe, Your most engaged staff may be your worst workers.

I keep harping on the value of employee engagement and frankly I’ve been brought back to earth today by that article. The research goes to show how using only one metric to gauge success can be fraught with peril. So go forth today in your own jobs and make sure that you measure your own ability to increase network uptake receptor capacity.