UnknownSo if you are not analytical, how do you make decisions? Are you in fact even conscious of the way you make decisions? I thought not.

I guess we all do it but essentially, if you make decisions using only one way, it means that you’re ignoring different ways you can make decisions. If you’re being analytical, then perhaps you’re ignoring what your emotions say.

Or if you’re making decisions emotionally, then perhaps you’re ignoring any analysis which might be available.

All of the stuff on emotional intelligence would say that you should be conscious of your emotions when making decisions but there is a catch here. To be conscious of your emotions, you must become analytical. And if you’re analytical, it is likely that you do not pay enough attention to your emotions.

And this is where everything breaks down. Most people just are not analytical so by virtue of this, they can’t become emotionally intelligent. Interesting conundrum isn’t it?

To become more emotionally intelligent you must be more analytical. Seems counterintuitive but it really rests at the crux of a lot of problems.