images-1I had a good lesson in trust yesterday when I was looking for an online mass mailing service. I went and found a few big ones on the net and tried out Constant Contact. I signed into their free trial, and fiddled around creating an email and a distribution list. After working with the software for a while I was satisfied that it would meet my needs but wanted to try a few others out.

Just as I was signing into another supplier I got a phone call from Tim Harrington, a customer service rep at Constant Contact. He had seen what I was working on and wanted to ask whether I had any questions. He made some recommendations as to how I could improve what I was doing and promised to help me upload my contact list when I was ready to go live. After we hung up he sent an email with contact information and let me know that he would do whatever he could to help me make my endeavours a success.

And that is from someone who only charges $15 a month. Amazing.

In a day when all of us question the motive of suppliers, when we imagine that all they are out for is the money and that they won’t go the extra mile to meet our needs, along comes a supplier who for very little money, is willing to go the extra step to earn the trust of a customer and create a connection to what would otherwise be a faceless company. Amazing. Needless to say I stopped my search right there having someone who went out of his way to earn my trust.