This trend of work going home and home coming to work has only extended the workday and in total made the amount of time worked greater. A study of work time hours shows that those people who supervise employees have longer work hours than those who do not.

“The average for all full-time employees is 46.7 hours per week. Within this group, municipal workers generally work 42.5 hours. Many of these are unionized employees with contracts that specify their maximum number of hours. Once negotiated, they generally stick to this The other jobs that are lower than the average do not have a travel component. Employees stay at one location. Those who are above average have greater responsibilities, more travel, and more people management as part of their  jobs. The chart below shows work hours per week (blue bars). Those who supervise employees have longer work hours and occasions than those who do not. Independent consultants are an exception. Unlike most other employees, their income is directly related to hours worked – they have a different incentive from employees to work long hours.”