Epic FailIn case you’re worried about one of your plans turning into an epic fail, take heart, you’ll be in good company. Here are a bunch of epic fails.

  1. In 1899 Henry Ford started the Detroit Automobile Co. Unfortunately for Ford, its cars were too expensive and of low quality.
  2. Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express fame tried  to introduce an electronic delivery service, Zapmail, in 1984 to compete with fax machines. Zapmail was a total failure and cost the company nearly $350 million over two years.
  3. Walt Disney suffered from a number of major financial setbacks in the late 1920s and 1930s and by the early 1930s his company was $4 million in debt.
  4. What list of epic fails is complete without Steve Jobs. Fired from Apple in 1985, he founded NeXT a company that made a computer workstation for educators. With a high price tag and reports of numerous bugs, sales never took off and NeXT burned through hundreds of millions of dollars.
  5. In the 1970s, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Traf-O-Data, a computer business serving local governments that automatically read paper tapes from traffic counters. The business became a bust when the state of Washington offered to tabulate the tapes for cities for free.