Unknown-12Back again for another day of questions to ask in a job interview. If you want to get ahead, you have to know how you’re doing on a regular basis.

In the industrial economy or if you’re in sales, you always know how you’re doing. No need to be told. There are all sorts of dials and levers that will tell you. In the knowledge economy though you can’t know unless someone tells you. And once a year when you’re getting your appraisal isn’t enough.

So when you’re looking for a job you need to figure out where you’re going to get feedback from.

  • Will there be metrics?
  • How often will you get metrics reports?
  • If there aren’t metrics how will you know how I’m doing?
  • How often will you meet with your new boss to discuss how you’re doing?

This is called performance management and is something done weekly in great places, done monthly in good places, done quarterly in OK places and done annually in poor workplaces.

If you want to tear your hair out, try working without feedback. Caveat Emptor.