peasant farmerA blog about feudalism recently showed that the system worked for the peasant farmer much better than it does for us now.

“In a recent chat at the highly literary Hay Festival in Wales, Andrew Simms and David Boyle, authors of The New Economics: A Bigger Picture and both directors of the New Economics Foundation think-tank, argued that for a small farmer in the 12th century to make a sufficient amount to live on for a year, he would be able to (and did) take 170 days holiday almost half a year When you dig up 12th-century skeletons you find they are taller than or as tall as skeletons at any other part of history other than our own. That suggests they were getting economics right.”

How is it that we have gone from working a half year only to working full days as well as nights, weekends, and holidays?

We must be getting something wrong that the peasant farmer got right. What I suspect is that in feudal times, people worked until the job was done. Nowadays, due to the industrial revolution and the factory method of production we work a standard number of hours instead of until the work is done.

But we moved out of the factory into the information age. Why is it we are still working factory hours when we could chose to work until the job gets done instead of until the time is done.