Leadership development Team with red TEAM lettersWhy is it that managers think teamwork is better than employees do? Everyone says that managers are oblivious to reality and don’t really know what’s going on in their companies but until now, I have yet to see this reflected in research.

We just surveyed 500 knowledge workers to see what they think. The survey has shown that managers see their work much more positively than do their employees. Either something isn’t getting through to management or they are ignoring problems.

Whatever the cause, the result is that managers don’t put in the programs that are necessary to improve teamwork at work.

We wanted to look at how knowledge workers view their organization in terms of teamwork and the people they work with. To do this we looked at five specific attributes of the workplace: Teamwork, Positivity, Trust, Commitment, and Respect.

In the first of the findings, we determined that most employees think that they work well together as a team. In fact 73% agree or disagree with the statement “We work well together as a team.”

Unfortunately, managers seem to think that teamwork is a lot better than employees do. While managers have a positive net promoter score of 2%, employees have a negative score of negative 3%.

You can check out the results of the research here.