Are you really engaged in your job? Chances are good that you aren’t. Well, Towers Watson just released Their 2012 Global Workforce Study. According to the study, 65% of you are not highly engaged at work. That would make employee engagement one of the biggest problems for companies these days.

“For optimal engagement in the modern workplace, employers must create a combination of discretionary effort (the willingness to work extra hard), enablement (the capability to excel), and energy (the capacity to maintain efforts over time). Old methods focused solely on discretionary effort, but any organization that wants to yield a significant performance advantage must combine all three elements to forge sustainable engagement.”

While this is a bad thing for you and probably for your employer, it might not be a bad thing for the economy. According to another source, a blog on HBR:

“What do 70% of successful entrepreneurs have in common? They all incubated their business ideas while employed by someone else. Indeed, most people start their own companies — or go freelance — in order to stop working for others. Why? Because most managers are simply unbearable. Year after year, Gallup reports that most employees are unhappy at work, and that the number one reason for dissatisfaction is their boss.”

So if you’re not engaged, what are you doing with your time? If it’s because your manager is unbearable then get moving. Find another job or better yet, create one yourself and free yourself from the tyranny of bad bosses.