Career DevelopmentI’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting as many blogs as I should in the last few weeks. I’m obviously disengaged.

For some reason in Canada, the “end of year holiday season” (formerly known as Christmas) has grown longer and longer every year. Just like in the summer months (still known as July and August) people tend to wind down in December, making the work year up here only nine months long.

Good thing too because you can’t be engaged all the time. Everyone needs a little down time to counterbalance the frenetic times. You need time to refresh and recharge, connect with co-workers on a more casual level, and just generally goof off. (I’m very good at goofing off.)

So if you’re still running around like a banshee (no disrespect to banshees intended) take a break, relax and re-engage next year.

Happy Holidays.