imagesI wrote an earlier post today on the topic of taking responsibility but to tell you the truth I wasn’t happy with it. Perhaps it was too early in the morning and I hadn’t woken up or perhaps it is because I’m only learning how to write in way that makes it enjoyable to read. Whatever. I’m now going to try to rectify that earlier bad job and try again so here goes, a special bonus post for Wednesday April 3rd.

Responsibility – A Fable

A long time ago in a land far far away, I was working with a super talented bunch of people who I mostly left alone because I can’t stand details. Amongst this super-talented group of people was one little redheaded girl who was always trying to make her job more meaningful and relevant to the organization. She wasn’t happy with the nature of her job and she kept asking me to give her something more to do.

To someone who doesn’t like detail, being nagged to find more work for someone else is just slightly annoying so I just kept telling her to figure it out for herself. Now as you might imagine, little redheaded girls don’t get their reputation for being ornery by letting something like that go. So she kept nagging and nagging.

Finally, in paroxysmal fit, I informed her in a very strong voice that Responsibility is Taken, it is not Given so don’t wait for me to give you more responsibility, go find some and take it yourself.

Well this little redheaded girl was no slouch so she paid attention to what I said and kept repeating to herself, Responsibility is Taken, not Given. Sure enough, she thought very hard and long and found a new area that was a complete blue ocean for the organization and slowly and surely took responsibility for owning that area.

Today, some four years later, this little redheaded girl has had two promotion, manages a team of about 10 people and earns way more than she did way back in that long ago time. All because she learned that Responsibility is Taken, not Given.


So, tell me, which post did you like better, the earlier one or this one?