imagesSo what are you? Are you neurotic, always taking on too much responsibility? Or is your character flawed and you tend to assume that the world is at fault? In either case, you’ll need the following six ways to avoid responsibility.

  1. Be the CEO – lots of other people you can blame. (Tony Hayward – BP)
  2. If you can’t be the CEO, work in a team – it allows you to blame someone else. (Lance Armstrong)
  3. Deny there’s a problem – nothing to be responsible for. (Nero)
  4. Invent a higher responsibility – you’ll be too busy to assume other ones. (Silvio Berlusconi)
  5. Mess up just enough – but not enough to get fired. (Leafs management, like forever)
  6. Hide – did it work in school when you lowered your eyes to avoid a question from the prof? (All of us)