imagesI ask the question with all the right intentions. Could you actually be one of those difficult people that you hate so much? I don’t think any of us realize that we can at times be difficult.

Me, I’ve been guilty of yelling, being a frequent critic and being slightly bullying at times. I hope I don’t do this often enough to be known as one of those difficult people but then you never know.

Take stock of your behaviour and try to figure out whether there are times that you can be difficult and you might be surprised at the answer.

The thing is that if you want to get things done, I believe that there are actually times that you need to be difficult. There are times that you’ll need to resort to quasi obnoxious behaviours to get your way. Sometimes a single minded dedication to something requires a bit of difficult behaviour.

But just a bit. So go out today and get something done by being difficult. Just don’t do it again tomorrow.