UnknownAs you know, I spend time helping companies with strategy execution, whether that is through consulting, coaching or training. Strategy execution may be the biggest problem out there in companies. You can see some stats I’ve used to prove that assertion here.

Lately I’ve been wondering why it is so hard to find people to talk to at companies about this subject. What I concluded was that no one is responsible for strategy execution and I’ve finally been able to prove it.

I went on LinkedIn and did a search on the term “Strategic Planning.” Lo and behold, this term was used 7.9 million times by people in my extended network. Then I searched on the term “Strategy Execution” and got 81,000 matches.

That’s 100 times more people out there doing Strategic Planning than are doing Strategy Execution. No wonder companies have so many problems. Everyone out there in businessland is doing the planning and virtually no one is executing.