What? A second blog today? I actually wrote the last one on Wednesday but got distracted and forgot to promote it until today. So much for focus.

You might have noticed that women are taking over the world. From university enrolment to the professions and now to politics, women are coming to dominate men in almost every field. You might have wondered why. (Or you might not have, but I’ll tell you why anyway.)

It’s because of focus. Men don’t focus as well as women. In order to advance mankind’s understanding of the human condition I have penned this blog so here it is, 5 reasons why men can’t focus.

  1. The Hunter Instinct – Men are evolutionarily designed to be hunters. From the earliest days of mankind, men were responsible for killing game. To do that requires that men be highly aware of the smallest movement in case it means there is something out there to kill and eat. Nowadays when men are in meetings, they still carry this evolutionary trait and are easily distracted by the smallest things.
  2. Superior Intelligence – Men are the more intelligent of the sexes as they have so many important things to think about. Who can focus on doing dishes or putting the toilet seat down whene there is world hunger to solve or hockey games to think about? Perhaps men will become more focussed this year as a result of the hockey lockout.
  3. Emotional Attunement – Men are so emotionally attuned that it hurts. They notice each and every change in emotions, especially in women. With such emotional attunement men are constantly distracted by even the slightest display of emotion. In order to focus, they have had to block these messages out and as a result, they have blocked them so successfully that many men deny having any emotions whatsoever.
  4. Sex – Yes, sex. Did you know that studies have shown that men think of sex on an average, every 8 seconds. If you’re thinking about sex that often, how could you focus any anything else effectively?