UnknownI was procrastinating this morning and ended up watching a video that featured Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr Wonderful) as he waxed poetic about being a Bosshole. I never thought I would see someone actually be proud of this.

In leadership parlance, one of the marks of a good leader is someone who is sensitive to and works to promote morale in a group. The opposite if this is a Bosshole, which the Urban Dictionary defines as “an employer of a particularly evil nature, completely devoid of empathy or concern for anyone else. the deadly hybrid of boss and asshole.”

Many organizations seem to tolerate Bossholes if they get results. In many cases it may be the dirty little secret of organizations that they keep the morale destroyers on staff as long as results pour in.

So then does morale really matter or is it only results that matter? Is it OK to be a Bosshole as long as you get results? Does bad morale necessarily lead to bad results?

I think the key is that it isn’t necessary to be a Bosshole to get good results. Since it isn’t necessary and there are nicer ways of getting the same results, then why would anyone want to be a Bosshole? The thing about Mr Wonderful is that he seems to want to be a Bosshole.