If there is one thing that the knowledge economy and the increase in ambiguity has foisted on us is the rise of the douchebag. You know the type, an individual who sounds great when talking but the knowledge is only surface deep and there is no ability to execute.

The problem is, with all of the technological complexity and change out there, it is hard to tell the douchebag from the expert. Suddenly, everyone is an expert. The net makes this possible and there are even all sorts of books on how to hold yourself out as an expert, even without being one.

So, here’s a guide to spotting a douchebag and separate him or her from the real expert. A Douchebag:

  1. Uses complex words you can’t understand in order to make himself seem more intelligent than you. An expert will use simple words so that you can understand.
  2. Is likely to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, disorganized and unfocussed where an expert knows where to put the focus and doesn’t waste time.
  3. Is always onto the next great thing while the expert is more selective about moving on.
  4. Talks about concepts where an expert talks about applicability.
  5. Creates a flurry of activity where an expert creates results.