Employee Engagement in the Tech Industry

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Employee Engagement in the Tech Industry

The technology industry in Canada and across the border may not be the best place to work for employees, as they don’t seem to be highly engaged in their work. Material Minds and Red Canary conducted a survey in March 2013 that reached 350 individuals employed in the technology industry. The survey shows that employees, for the most part:

  • Are not highly engaged;
  • Aren’t highly supportive of their employer’s mission;
  • Don’t get enough recognition; and
  • Don’t get enough feedback.

When asked whether they would recommend their company as a good place to work to a friend or colleague, only 23% of Canadians and 29% of American tech employees would strongly agree. This report looks at research we have done into employees and what they think of their bosses and their place of work.

You can get the report on Employee Engagement in the Tech Industry here.

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