UnknownThe end of a short week is here and I have one last book for you to read. (You must be glad this week wasn’t a day longer as you would have had one more book.) I realize the last three were a bit heavy so I’ve selected something light.

Many years ago, when looking for a new entrepreneurial venture after Synamics was over, I came across a book called The Monk and The Riddle  by Randy Komisar. It influenced me in a way I didn’t expect and made it very difficult for me to pick my next entrepreneurial adventure.

The book asks the question, what would you be willing to do for the rest of your life? Easy question, hard to answer.

So go read the book and try to answer the question.

And there it is, four days, four books. One practical and useful, one revealing, one heavy, and one thought provoking. That’s it for your reading assignment for this term Have a good one.