Do you ever look at your CEO, your boss, or perhaps a politician and wonder, Why isn’t that me? After all, you’re smart, talented, and funny. You get along with people and get results. I do this from time to time, particularly with politicians, wondering why it’s not me giving that speech. Then I remind myself; that wasn’t one of my objectives.

Your CEO has that job because it was her goal.

Simple to say and frankly the difference between you and the CEO. It was her objective and it hasn’t been yours. If you want to be the boss, a politician, a writer or a movie star then you have to step up and make that an objective. Set that as a goal. No one’s going to give you your dream. You’re going to have to figure out your dream, set it as a goal and diligently work towards achieving it. Every day you have to ask yourself:

What is your goal and what can you do today to get closer to achieving it?