For this month’s research, we wanted to find out what things people like and dislike about work so we asked 500 people what they thought about their jobs. And the results are surprising.

Managers and employees like pretty much the same things. This means the two groups have pretty much the same motivators. The list of the three things they like most are as follows:

  • Type of work  28%
  • Co-workers  22%
  • Flexibility/Location  20%

In terms of what they don’t like, there are substantial differences between the two groups though. Managers are much more inclined to dislike the workload than employees are. Employees on the other hand, are much more inclined to dislike management. In total, their top three dislikes are:

  • Workload  19%
  • Management  17%
  • Compensation  16%

You can get more details from the study here.