Take a look at the three leaders featured above, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Jack Welsh. Each of them was successful but each seems to have had a different passion in business.

Richard Branson entered multiple businesses because he was fed up with the poor customer service that was a standard in the industry for each business. He sought to change the customer experience in each business because he cared about people and figured they deserved better.

Steve Jobs built multiple products in a variety of sectors because he cared deeply about the beauty and simplicity of product design, a passion for product.

Jack Welsh had a passion for the business process and was able to make GE a consistent world leader in multiple indistry sectors because of this basic passion for process.

Each one of them was exactly what was needed for each style of business and each would have failed in the others’ business. In fact when you put someone who has a passion for process like Sculley in a product business like Apple he fails when he can succeed in a business that needs process.

Leadership is complex and multidimensional but passion plays a large part in determining what leader is suited for what type of business.