imagesI’m wading back into the issue of women business leaders again, partially because of Ontario’s desire to balance out the boards of directors of companies by requiring public companies to set targets for the number of women in senior roles. But what if women don’t want to be directors and in the C Suite?

I thought of this because of an ad in Thursday’s Globe for Rotman’s Directors Program (Calgary graduation) that showed pictures of graduates and only 11 out of 44 graduates were women. In Toronto it was 12 out of 51. I’m sure the Institute of Corporate Directors doesn’t have a quota on women students so maybe women just aren’t as interested in being directors as men.

Women make up only 37% of admissions to MBA programmes, 24% to EMBA programmes and only 42% to undergraduate business programmes. Maybe women just aren’t as interested in business as men.

However women do make up 48% of law school graduates and 47% of medical school graduates. Maybe women find law and medicine more interesting than business.

Maybe we should stop trying to impose one set of values and demand equality when that is an unrealistic objective.