unitebusiness_logoEvery now and then you hear of a new management technique that makes you ask – what are they thinking? For me the latest is Holacracy. “Developed by a former software entrepreneur, the idea is to replace the traditional corporate chain of command with a series of overlapping, self-governing “circles.” In theory, this gives employees more of a voice in the way the company is run.”

As if matrix management isn’t enough, instead of nice tight little grids, we replace lines with circles. I sometimes think people are looking at geometric shapes and wondering how they can build a management philosophy around them. And the worst part is that Zappos has decided that this is the way they’re going to run their company.

When you read descriptions about Holacracy it sort of makes sense which is why I guess that companies would give it a try. Work is organized around what needs to be done instead of around people. People work in multiple circles for different functions. Decision making is integrative. (This must be a new douchebag term I have missed – integrative decision making.)

The big thing about Holacracy is no management. Huh, what’s that? No management? Sounds perfect. Where can I sign up?

OMG, I’m trying to remain open minded but business is hard enough with bad managers. Getting rid of them altogether would be a real trip.

The only great thing Holacracy it is that it will earn a lot of money for the consultants who will help implement it and for the other ones that will help a company recover from it.

Since the idea of running businesses with overlapping circles instead of lines is taken, I think I’ll spend the weekend developing a management theory that uses triangles as a way for organizing work.